28078 - Radiochemistry (2013/2014)

General information

28078 - Radiochemistry (RadCh, 4 CFU), second semester, years: 2° LM BMS; 2° LM MB.

Course content

The atomic nucleus structure: binding energy, mass, radius. Nuclear models. Natural radioactivity and the radioactivity decay law. Radioactive decay processes: α and β decay, γ transitions, nuclear fission. Interaction radiation-matter. Radiation measurements : gas counters, scintillation and semiconductor detectors. Nuclear reactions: energetics, cross sections, mechanisms, nuclear fission. Principles of nuclear reactor. Thermonuclear reactions. Radiation biology, dosimetry.




Daniela Rossi


Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, G.R.Choppin, J.Liljenzin, J.Rydberg. Nuclear and Radiochemistry, G.Friedlander, J.W.Kennedy, E.S.Macias, J.Malcom Miller. Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, K Heinrich Lieser. Modern Nuclear Chemistry, W Loveland, D.J Morrissey, G.T Seaborg.

Teaching style

In presence


Not required

Course hour allocation

This course consists of 32 hours of lectures.